Active for over 70 years in various fields of human endeavor including arts, music and dance.

Behavioral psychologist, specialized in Managerial Skills, Life Skills, Presentation Skills, Corporate Trainer, Seminar Leader, Guest Speaker.

Founder of India’s first school of photography sponsored by The Indo-American Society; trained over 18,000 hobbyists in 50 years; many eminent professionals and prize-winners; held 22 Annual Contests and Exhibitions; now active with “Catch ’em Young” and other programs at NCPA;doing professional child and family portraiture; and dance photography.

You will find articles and pictures published by Dr. Pillai. One has been published in Better Photography (April 2012). Click on Articles to see them.



Dance Photography Workshop
at NCPA by Dr.Pillai

After the first- ever eventful Workshop on INDIAN DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY held last April to celebrate WORLD DANCE DAY during the MUDRA DANCE FESTIVAL, Dr. Pillai was invited to conduct a second workshop during the festival this year. Over fifty professional photographers and hobbyists took advantage of the Workshop and made fascinating pictures of eminent dancers like Darshna Jhaveri, Lata Suna Devi, and Sugata Mohopatra and 30 Odissi dancers under the direction and lighting arrangements set up by Dr. Pillai at the Experimental Theater of the NCPA, Mumbai. Below of some pictures of the event.

By Mr.Narendar - Dr.Pillai's Sr. Student

Photos by Mr. Ramesh Iyer



  One of the four-day Workshops was conducted during the first two weeks of May 2014. Pictures of the event - and those made by the participants are presented below:






‘CATCH ‘em YOUNG’ – PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN – sponsored by the National Centre for Performing Arts Mumbai (NCPA)

A report by Hemant Acharya


Mid Day 14 April 2012 - Workshop headed by Dr. Pillai

Mid Day 14 April 2012 - Workshop headed by Dr. Pillai - See more at: