Dance Pictures


I love dance. My forte however, is in the Indian classical genres. As an artist with a camera, I find DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY  as rewarding as it is challenging.
Rewarding, because I have learned dance and understand the intricacies: so I can go under the skin of the artist. Challenging, because of the technical complications involved. There is also an element of intrigue when one is using just a ‘still’ frame to represent an art, the magic of which is essentially in movement and transition, augmented by light and sound, submerged in the spirit of the artist. To me it is ‘seeing a universe in a grain of sand.

Jhelum paranjape performing Odissi: 


Mythili Prakash performing Bharata Natyam: 



RussianDancer - Olga Chepelianskaia performing Kathak : 





"Dance: the Signature of Life."   - DR (PROF) P K M PILLAI

Thoughts and emotions of man find expression through language and voice – poetry and music.
When he is overwhelmed, he experiences an ecstasy that induces him to express himself. Both body and mind co-ordinate to produce a symbiotic audio-visual harmony resulting in ‘rhythm’ and ‘movenent’. This phenomenon is ‘dance’- the signature of life.  Over a period of time, a process of codification occurs resulting in ‘style’. Aesthetically pleasing, stylization becomes ‘art ‘. Now, art becomes a vehicle for self-expression. When art is standardized, acknowledged, appreciated over a period of time; and used as a basis for improvisation, then it is referred to as a ‘classical art-form’.