Pinakin Joshi

PINAKIN JOSHI  is an avid photorapher who started off over forty years ago with a Foundation Course in Photography con  ducted by me at The Indo-American Society, Mumbai. As a relentless hobbyist, he has been pursuing his passion, and has participated in nearly every Advanced Course  and Workshop that II have conducted in Mumbaii, including the recent ones on THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE held at the National Centre for Performing Arts Mumbai.

What is equally commendable is his capacity to store and retrieve his images. Nearly every single day during recent years, I open my e-mail to see a picture made by him, waiting for me! They may not, like an apple a day'  keep the doctor away, but for some of those like me  who love good pictures, seeing them would certainly keep 'stresses at bay'. And, watching his performance prompts me to ask the thousands of my other students, "How active have you been doing?" . . . . . .

Enjoy some of the images that I have received from Pinakin!