Random Pictures

A RANDOM SELECTION of my Photographs

Most of the images are those that have been made on my WALKS. I love to walk all alone – in total harmony with myself. I lose myself effortlessly in whatever meets my eye. I do not have to satisfy anybody with what I shoot: so I am totally FREE!  I conceive my images just the way ‘I LIKE IT’. So, it is totally relaxing. However, the review of my own work is a trying experience. For, I make an effort to discover a ‘method in my madness’, and am miserable when I do not find any. But that never stops me from yet another WALK.                                   No expectations!
Some of my fans, who think nothing much of my images at first sight, come back to me for a ‘re-show’, and strangely, do not stop with one! They submit that the images ‘grow’ on them, and that their appreciation increases with the passage of time. Strangely. the opposite phenomenon of familiarity breeding contempt! . . .
Upon their insistence, these images are offered for your viewing. They would love to have your comments. I too may make some discoveries.  I will enjoy my pictures, all the same!
Years and years back, in a totally different context, my brother pulled me out of my stupor by writing, “Oh brother, one likes ‘because’: one loves ‘in spite of’.” It makes perfect sense to me only now.