Private Coaching

Personal Coaching in Photography Offered by Dr (Prof ) P K M Pillai


Active for over 70 years in various fields of human endeavor including arts, music and dance

Behavioral psychologist, specialized in Managerial Skills, Life Skills, Presentation Skills,
 corporate trainer, seminar leader, guest speaker

Founder of India’s first school of photography sponsored by The Indo-American Society;
 trained over 18,000 hobbyists in 50 years; many eminent professionals and prize-winners;
held 22 Annual Contests and Exhibitions; now active with “Catch ’em Young” and other programs at NCPA;
 doing professional child and family portraiture; and dance photography

Therapeutic yoga, posture correction, voice

# As a service to those who realize that the teacher makes the big difference

# Primarily for those who are aged, ailing, differently able, and yet genuinely interested

# For those who do not find his public programs convenient for them

# BY APPOINTMENT, at mutually convenient timing and pace, at the residence of the candidate,
provided that it located between Colaba, Chembur, and Borivili

# IN CO-ORDINATION with the medical specialists/therapists, where applicable

# IN UNITS OF TWO HOURS or part thereof

# FOR AN HONORARIUM OF RS 5000/= PER SESSION, contracted and payable in advance


Those who cannot afford, may SHARE the sessions (and the honorarium payable) with
a maximum of THREE CANDIDATES having the same level of ability for comprehension.
Candidate should possess their own cameras and the necessary ancillary equipment.


Photography is The Art of Seeing,
First train the eye: then the camera

NO leisure activity like photography!

For info and appointments: SAMIRA – 098190 17210
Personal- 093222 41225 - switched OFF while on assignment